Catalogue of works

Nocturnes     98/(91)

Symphonic tryptic for orchestra and chorus

I. Nuages
II. Ftes
III. Sir nes

Composition dates:
December 1897 - December 1899

Georges Hartmann

Fromont, 1900; Jobert, October 1930; Jobert, 1964; Durand, 1999, dition critique des Éœuvres compltes, V/3

Nomenclature: — — timp. - 2 perc. - 2 harps — strings

First hearings:
Paris, Concerts Lamoureux, under the direction of Camille Chevillard: I and II, 9 December 1900; I, II and III, 27 October 1901
I and III "mis la scne" or performed in dance by Lo e Fuller, Paris, Th tre des Champs-lys es, 5 May 1913, under the direction of Dsir -mile Inghelbrecht

The relationship between Nocturnes and the two previous projects remained problematic: Trois sc nes au crpuscule No. 92/(83), and Trois Nocturnes pour violon et orchestre intended for Eug ne Ysae.